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ISABELL spent 150,000 on a new home and has so many problems she wants to move out. She was promised a house in showroom condition but it has cracks in the ceilings,a stair banister hanging off, noisy and moving floors, and windows and doors that don't fit. Isabell said: "The problems are not minor and keep coming back. I am worried things will get worse." Developer's workmen have repaired some of the faults since 2003, when she moved in. Isabell spent 6500 after the firm left her with 10 tons of soil dumped in her back garden. She said: "They say they have no further liability. Now they have my money they don't want to know."

MARY purchased a country house in need of renovation.She hired a developer to fortify the construction and expand the house with one floor.
After returning to accept the project she was surprised to find out that the floor is only 220 cm high , windows and doors not installed and major leaks from the roof flooding the electrical system.
Mary claims : "Those major construction problems spoiled my whole experince of moving abroad."Mary spent more than 10,000 euro on hiring a second company and an inspector to redo the roof.
She reckons "I wish I have spent those a couple of hundred euros for a professional to check on my renovation prior to paying the final installment."
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Common Snags

These are most of the common snags you may find in an apartment or a house.
Perfect - if you want cold winds blowing through your windows all winter. more
Having damp in your home is not a thing to be taken lightly - damp can cause mold on walls and furniture , it can rot window frames and is an ideal breding ground for bacteriological and insect infestation . Damp cold housing encourages the growth of mold and mites . Mites feed on... more
Cracked ceiling
Don't let this happen to you. more