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Long before Bulgaria joined the European Union in early January 2007 it was being hailed as the "next big thing." Now at looks as though the next big thing is here.

Like many emerging countries, Bulgaria has a lot to offer those individuals looking for not only affordable real estate but also for those looking for a new vacation destination or place to conduct business. Bulgaria is a country located in the very heart of the Balkan Peninsula between Romania and Turkey and shares common borders with Greece, Macedonia, Serbia, and Montenegro.

Bulgaria has just joined the European Union in January 2007.

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Snag List Bulgaria

is a team of construction professionals who will inspect your new house or apartment and prepare a detailed snag list before you move into it.

During our inspection, our team of dedicated professionals will go through a detailed checklist, identifying any snags that they may encounter.

We are an independent company and we don’t work for any developer or real estate agent. so rest assured we will always deliver an unbiased snag list, representing your best interests without compromise.

  • Inspection of your home
  • Issue of detailed report and snag list
  • Photos of items in the list
  • Second inspection of your home

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