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New homes are often riddled with defects, or snags as they are known in the trade. This causes serious disappointment and frustration to homebuyers because most don't expect any problems and it can take real determination to get the developers back to carry out the necessary work.

Take a look at an excerpt of a sample snag checklist we go through when we inspect a new house or apartment.
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Snag list Services

A Snag List is a fully comprehensive list of items that a builder has not completed in appliance with building regulations standard. We offer preparation of snag lists for your newly developed or renovated property in Bulgaria.

We physically visit the property, check all areas carefully and make a list of all the things that have not been completed, do not look right or are not done according to the plans and the Developer specification. We also take pictures of all the problems in question and finally prepare a detailed report. The snag list will be issued within 2 working days of the inspection with a copy going to you and one directly to the builder. The inspector will then re-visit your home to check that everything on the snag list has been resolved and to make sure that no other snags have appeared.

Carrying out a thorough snag list on a newly built or renovated property is vitally important to ensure that you receive an acceptable quality of finish, making sure that you do not have a multitude of problems and irritations after you move in. New developments are constructed for the most part on a sub-contract basis. The various sub-contractors usually work on a price per unit basis, often being more concerned with working quickly than working well, resulting in a deficient quality of finish.

The Snag List ensures that the builder carries out his obligations to you by completing the house properly, after all, why should you have to go to the hassle and expense of carrying out repairs yourself when you have paid the builder a small fortune to finish the house correctly in the first place.