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Damp Walls

Having damp in your home is not a thing to be taken lightly - damp can cause mold on walls and furniture, it can rot window frames and is an ideal breding ground for bacteriological and insect infestation.

Damp cold housing encourages the growth of mold and mites. Mites feed on moulds and encourage their growth even more. Mold and mites are a major trigger of allergic and asthma symptoms in people and can lead to serious helth issues in toddlers and seniors.

Some dishonest developers try to put off repairs on leaky pipes or gutters, claiming the damp in your home is due to plaster not yet fully drying out or condensation. They tend to be very convincing, but be aware, ondensation is not the only cause of damp - other reasons include:

  • Leaking pipes.
  • Rain seeping through the roof due to a missing tile or slate.
  • Rain spilling from a blocked gutter.
  • Rain seeping around window frames.
  • Rising damp due to a defective damp-course or because there is no damp-course