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What are the top ten snagging defects?

The top ten snagging defects that we see in new build properties are:

  1. Plasterwork patching and redecoration.
  2. Ceramic tiling and bathroom tiling grouting incomplete.
  3. Architraves and skirting boards require caulking.
  4. External brickwork requires missing weep vents and brick acid wash.
  5. Block work not fully pointed.
  6. Loft insulation incomplete and not laid correctly.
  7. Extractor fans venting into roof and ceiling voids.
  8. Pipes not lagged in roof void areas.
  9. Broken roof tiles.
  10. Defective or scratched glazing.

Can I claim compensation from the developer for delays to completion?

The answer to this question depends upon your preliminary contract. Before you sign any contract make sure that a clause for such problems is included. A normal amount to claim is 50 levs per day delay of completion. Have in mind that sales staff may have given you an unrealistic moving date to close the deal resulting in significant inconvenience and expense. However, the builders will only sign a contract with such clause only if they are absolutely certain that they won't have to pay any damages.

Can the developer deny you access to the property?

Until you have completed, in legal terms, the property still belongs to the developer and they may try to deny access to our snagging inspector.

However, you have a legal interest in the property and for this reason your solicitor will be able to arrange access if the builder is being difficult.

Should I use the solicitor recommended by the developer?

Absolutely not, although the solicitor is obliged to act in your best interest this does not always happen and it is not worth taking the risk.

What is liquidated damages?

It is common to include a clause in the contract specifying the amount of damages that can be claimed in the event of legal completion being delayed. It is usually in the order of 50 levs per day.

The term is applicable to all legal contracts where damages are specified in the contract.

Will your inspectors carry out a structural survey?

Our snagging inspectors are capable of highlighting structural defects that require further investigation.

When is the best time for a snagging inspection?

The answer to this question depends whether you are buying the property off-plan or not.

If you are not buying the property off-plan and the property is build complete you should have it inspected before you exchange contracts. This will allow you to have clauses written into your contract to cover snagging issues, such clauses could allow you to hold back a sum of money or delay completion until the remedial work is completed to standard.

If you are buying off-plan it is usual to exchange contracts before the house has been finished or even started. In this case the best time to have the snagging inspection completed is when the builder serves notice to complete. This is usually done two weeks before you move in (legal completion) and will provide the builder with a reasonable amount of time to deal with any snagging defects identified during the inspection.

If you are paying for a renovation the snagging inspection should be done prior to accepting the project and paying the final installment.

It is important to note that you can have the inspection carried out at any time of the building process to make sure the construction is built according to plans.

Why do I need snagging inspection?

It is wise to consider the snagging defects in your new home before you finalize your purchase. What would happen if after completion, you could not let or sell the property for a few months because of the defects? Almost every home has defects. Unfortunately inexperienced people will not be able to spot a potential problem. Once identified snags can be rectified, but better sooner than later.

What warranty do I get from Bulgarian developers?

According to Bulgarian law a building surveyor must be present on every project. He is certifying the construction every step of the way and he guarantees the quality of the work. He is responsible for the construction's guarantee which can vary from 3 to 5 years. Some developers might offer you guarantee for up to 10 years.