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Take the stress out of moving in a new home
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Appartment snag list: € 250

Villa snag list: € 350

Furniture inspection: € 50

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74 Alexander Stamboliiski Str.
Sofia 1000
+359 888 429 111


Price includes the following:

  • A detailed inspection of both the inside and outside of your new home anywhere in the country.
  • Issue of a detailed report within 48 hours of the home inspection.
  • We will take photographs of any item that makes it onto the snag list .
  • We will also send a copy of the report and photographs to the property developer.
  • Once the property developer has fixed everything on the snag list we will then revisit your home to make sure everything on the snag list has been fixed and that no other problems have appeared.

Please note that we have no legal means of forcing any developer to fix any of the aforementioned defects.
Although we can give you all the advice you might need in resolving the snag list, it is highly recommended to have a clause regarding the quality of work in place, prior to the building contract legalization.